MC Tireworks

Mission Statement & FAQs Lomita CA

M/C Tire Works, Inc. was founded in 1977 by two racers working at a local dealership, who noticed a lack of options available to motorcycle owners when it came time to replace their motorcycles' tires. During the late ‘70's, there were only a few brands, sizes and types of motorcycle tires that any shops would stock, and none of them offered quick, professional service. Now, over 38 years later, there are literally thousands of different motorcycle tires in all different sizes, styles and compounds available to confuse the issue, so tire-specific technicians who are knowledgeable about the options and choices can be very valuable. However, the reason M/C Tire Works, Inc. was founded, and the reason we are still going strong, is that a rider can ride in with virtually any bike and purchase new tires at competitive prices and have them installed in about an hour or less.

We realize that our customers' time is valuable, so we offer service on a first-come-first-served basis. If you want to call around for prices, make sure and ask what the total cost is installed and how long it will take, and you will understand why decade after decade, M/C Tire Works, Inc. is the choice for the motorcyclist who wants the job done right, done quickly, and at a good price. Nobody else even comes close”.
We feature:

  • Experienced, knowledgeable non-commission technicians to help you choose the best tire for your application/riding style.
  • All service done in plain sight, you know exactly who is working on your bike and how the job is progressing.
  • Professional mounting and spin balancing for tires while you wait.
  • Complete spoke wheel lacing and truing, custom spokes and aftermarket rims, spoke service and broken spoke replacement available.
  • Brake pads stocked for popular makes and models at competitive prices, installation available.
  • Drive chains in stock at competitive prices, installation available.

Frequently asked questions:

Why does my tire wear unevenly or with feather edges on the tread?

Answer: This is usually caused by under-inflation or the tire is not of adequate load range for your bike. (See Home Page for basic tire info). You need to weigh your bike loaded with you on it to know what load range you should be running.

Tire companies recommend replacing tubes with new tires every time. Is that really necessary?

Answer: If there are no signs of wear, the tube is not sticking to the inside of the tire, and no major rust flakes or folding, we will put it back in if you want. After doing this for over 30 years, we have a good idea of what to look for, but experience has also taught us that tubes get chafed from heat expansion and the heat cycles and age dries them out, so some will not long survive the transplant into a new tire. Wisdom has shown it is cheap insurance to replace them if there are any signs of wear, as tubes can be fickle and you will be far from home when Murphy's' law pays a visit.

Aren't all new bikes tubeless?

Answer: if you have “mag” wheels, they probably are, but the huge majority of cruisers with wire spoked wheels all have tubes, as there are 40 holes in the wheel for the spokes. Very few tire manufacturers make tube or tubeless specific tires anymore, virtually all work both ways.

The tread on my tire looks like it's going backwards. What gives?

Answer: The tread on most motorcycle tires is designed like a water pump, and will “pump” water away from the middle of the tire at speed. All directional tread tires will have arrows molded into the side of the tire indicating the direction they should rotate, so you need to trust the engineers who designed the tread. If you run the tread backwards, it pumps water to the middle of the tire at speed. Obviously this is a really bad thing in the rain, but apart from that, will not affect your bike on dry roads.

My tires have cracks from age and exposure. Do they need to be replaced?

Answer: Weather cracks mean that the natural oils are gone from the rubber in your tires, and will result is a significant decrease in traction and elasticity, the latter will cause the tire to split and fall apart if you get low on air or get a flat. When talking about traction, it is always desirable to have a healthy reserve, and trust us when we say that tires are a lot cheaper than medical bills. It's your call if you decide to buy new ones, but we won't mount a cracked or old tire, it's not only unsafe, it is now illegal.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at (310) 539-4150. We will be more than glad to assist you!